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Visualizing Tennis

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I’m a member of the American Statistical Association’s “Statistics in Sport” section (http://www.amstat.org/sections/sis/) and I’m also British by birth, so Andy Murray’s success at Wimbledon this year was interesting to me for two reasons. I took a look at some of the data on Murray (collected by IBM’s SlamTracker initiative — http://2013.usopen.org/en_US/slamtracker/ ) with a view to doing a little visual analysis, so now I have another reason to be interested …

I found some data on his performance over a few years leading up to Wimbledon 2013 and wanted to look at trends. Now usually I prefer to create several linked visualizations and look at them together, but for this data I found that several of the stats I was interested in worked nicely when plotted in the same system. Here’s what I came up with:


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