Woman gets same present every year after innocent hippo comment she now regrets

They say it’s the thought that counts but according to these women, you can have too much of a good thing.

According to a poll by Love2shop, over 40 per cent of people in the UK admit they are guilty of gift-typing (42%) loved ones.

And women are the worst culprits, with half admitting they regularly gift-type loved ones.

But they are also the biggest “victims” too with 44% of women gift-typed, compared to 34% of men.

The intention is always positive say the gifting experts at Love2shop. People innocently share with a loved one that they enjoy a certain past-time, novelty or TV show like Bake Off and voila, endless cookery books, aprons and cupcake fridge magnets.

Here, exclusively for the Mirror are just some of the women who are putting out a Christmas SOS and saying thanks but no thanks to the same presents this year.

Naomi Cearns, 37, from Nottingham –

An innocent remark about loving her novelty Christmas socks six years ago has led to mum-of-one Naomi Cearns receiving socks and more socks every Christmas!

“The training manager now has a collection of over 50 and still they come.

She says: “Being gift-typed sucks the joy out of Christmas… just for once I’d love to NOT find a pair of novelty socks underneath the Christmas tree!

She adds: “I have only two feet and there are only so many pairs of socks a woman needs.

“They are cute don’t get me wrong but now everyone when they think of buying me a present just gets socks. I would actually love some nice cosmetics or perfume.”

Karen Weedon, 58, Hampshire –

Karen who is married with two grown-up children and currently a busy homemaker is constantly gifted hippopotamus toys and ornaments.

It started when she remarked to her family that she found them cute and gradually each Christmas a hippo themed item would make its way into her festive stocking.

She says: “Well I did find it sweet and charming at first but now I get them every year. When I open the wrapping, I can’t help but feel disappointed that it’s not something more exciting.

“I would much prefer a gift I actually want. I now give massive hints about alternatives to hippos, so fingers crossed Christmas 2021 is the year I am not gift-typed again.”

Pamela Robinson, 59, Warrington, Cheshire –

Green-fingered Pamela, 59, from Warrington in Cheshire has had a long love for all things horticultural.

While receiving a plant clipping from fellow gardening enthusiasts is rarely unwanted, it is the growing “jungle” of indoor plants she’s gifted constantly that has led to her gift-typing SOS.

The mother-of-two who is an administrator says: “Don’t get me wrong I love plants but because of that, loved ones and acquaintances opt for a plant every time it comes to gift-giving.

“I now have a jungle of indoor plants taking over my living room, kitchen and conservatory. It started off with a cactus for Christmas 10 years ago and then I mentioned I liked the monstera species of evergreens and now I literally can’t move for them!

“This year I would love a gift card so I can head to January sales and treat myself to some spa goodies.”

Debbie Gibson, 45, Leighton Buzzard –

Debbie, 45, a toxicologist from Leighton Buzzard has a love of husky dogs that has generated a plethora of endless husky gifts, which is now being passed on to daughter Darci, 8, too.

She says: “Over the years we have owned and fostered many huskies. With it, for years now every single birthday, Christmas, occasion, we are given everything with huskies on and now this is happening to the next generation, with friends and family instantly assuming any husky gifts will be perfect presents for our daughter, Darci, too.

“It is harmless but this year we are both hoping for a bit more variety.”

Poppy Morris, 42, West Sussex –

Take Poppy Morris, 42, from West Sussex who over 30 years ago innocently commented that she loved owls and now gets them EVERY Christmas.

She says: “It started when I bought a couple of owls when I was little from gift shops on school trips but that was many moons ago.

“For some reason, everyone thinks I’m still crazy about them. It is their ‘go-to’ gift for me when they can’t what to buy me. They always get me an owl ceramic!

“I don’t want to seem ungrateful though! I would absolutely love some good quality socks or essential oil-based smellies instead but I’m officially gift-typed with these owls.”

Love2shop’s Katherine Scott has some advice: “Don’t gift the same old things out of our lack of imagination or time. It creates awkward ‘thank you’s’ and worst of all, waste, as often these gifts get shelved, binned or stored away never to be seen again.

She adds: “Instead of gift-typing, let’s just ask friends and family what they really want and better still, give the gift of choice with a gift card or voucher, so the receiver has the fun of spoiling themselves and getting their ideal gift this year.”