Star Wars toys bought by collector for 99p each set to make £15,000 at auction

A Star Wars collector who bought dozens of toys for 99p each in the 1980s is set to sell them all for up to £15,000 at auction.

Each plastic figure from the iconic films are now said to be worth between £150 and £900 after dramatically increasing in value.

The anonymous shopper purchased the collectables from a “bargain bucket” at Tesco some forty years ago – grabbing as many as he possibly could.

The toys were discounted by 50% off their original cost and have remained sealed in their cardboard cases since.

Included in the collection is a rare Star Wars Yak-Face figure from Return of the Jedi that is in mint condition and worth £900.

A figure of Luke Skywalker dressed as an Imperial Stormtrooper from Star Wars that still has its ‘Tesco 99p’ offer price label on is worth £400.

And a Han Solo frozen in carbonite figure has a pre-sale estimate of £300 for when it goes under the hammer.

Many of the items are “unpunched” which means they weren’t placed on shelf hangers in the Tesco store and went straight into the bargain bucket.

A total of 93 toys will be sold at C&T Auctioneers in Ashford, Kent, on January 6.

Elswehere in the auction there are numerous Corgi toy cars for James Bond vehicles and toys from Ghostbusters, Dr Who, Transformers, The A-Team, Thundercats and Evil Knievel.

Glen Chapman, of C&T Auctions, said vintage toys from the eighties are currently worth a lot of money.

This is because people who grew up in the decade now have disposable income which they are spending on nostalgic collectibles.

Mr Chapman said: “There are a lot of other toys from the 1980s that are becoming collectable now, it’s not just Star Wars.

“There is a new generation of buyers who now have more disposable income and are bidding on items that remind then of their childhood.”

He added: “The owner of ther 93 Star Wars figures is aged in his 70s and he has just decided now is the time to sell them and probably just wants the money.

“He bought them from a Tesco’s bargain bucket when they were half-price and has kept them ever since.”

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