Fish and chip shop offers deep-fried Christmas dinner including battered gravy

A fish and chip shop is selling a deep-fried Christmas dinner – and it even comes with battered gravy.

Marshall’s Chip Bar has been offering customers a unique Christmas dinner for the past few years, and they’ve brought it back this year as it’s a firm favourite.

Andrew Mashall, owner of the chippy in Cullompton, Devon, said that people travel from across the country to try it – and customers can’t get enough of the deep-fried pigs in blankets.

Included in the meal is a chicken leg, battered sprouts, deep-fried gravy, mashed potato, and also mince pie – all for £9.99.

Andrew, 39, said: “A couple of months back there was a couple of places trying to get in the Christmas feeling in lockdown, so we brought back a few of the bits for a week to make people laugh more than anything.

“At the end of the day, it’s quite a funny gimmick.

“It goes down pretty well, this year we haven’t done that many – we’ve been doing it by request this year.

“It’s a chicken leg, a portion of battered spouts, a gravy bomb which is a ball of season mashed potato with gravy in the middle which is then breadcrumbed and deep-fried, a pig in blanket, a battered stuffing ball, and a deep fried mince pie to finish the deal.

“I sell it for £9.95, it’s to bring people in – pretty much covers out costs, basically.”

Andrew said he’s tried each part of the meal and decided it isn’t for him, but some customers love it and travel for miles to try it.

He continued: “As a whole meal I wouldn’t say it wasn’t my cup of tea, but the components are quite good – the battered mince pie is fantastic.

“Everyone loves a pig in blanket, can’t go wrong with them.

“My customers love it, people used to travel from all over Devon and Somerset to try it – we get some people who visit every year just for this. They ask me each year if we’re still doing it.

“We only do it for about three weeks each year. We get a few complaints online, but people aren’t happy unless they’re moaning. Just people with a keyboard who like to complain.”